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Dr Ilja Sapiro MSc

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“My ill-fitting dentures were really starting to affect my life but I now have dentures securely attached to implants and I’m delighted!”
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Denplan membership


Denplan is an easy and affordable way to spread the cost of routine preventive and restorative dental care and costs just £9.99 a month, plus a 10% discount off dental treatments.

It is vital to your oral health and overall well being that you visit the dentist regularly and as a preventive approach is the single most effective way of maintaining dental health, Wanstead Dental encourages you to plan to be healthy.

Research has found that patients on a dental care plan are more likely to enjoy:

  • fewer fillings because problems are caught early
  • less dental decay due to regular examinations
  • a decreased chance of experiencing toothache
  • more attractive teeth, stronger gums and fresher breath

What do I get with Denplan Essentials?

For peace of mind and to help spread your costs for general dental care over the year, you will receive the following benefits from our Denplan scheme for just £9.99 per month:

  • 3 x routine dental examinations
  • 2 x hygiene appointments
  • Emergency / consultation visits (worth £40 each time you attend)
  • All x-rays as needed for general dental care (excludes those
    required for specialist care)
  • Supplementary insurance for emergency treatment away from
    home and cover for traumatic dental injury
  • 10% discount on dental treatments (excluding specialist dentistry)

What does the Supplementary Insurance include?

Your Supplementary Insurance cover provides you with the following benefits:

  • Emergency dental treatment when away from your own dentist
  • Treatment following a dental injury
  • Out of hours consultation for a dental emergency or dental injury
  • Hospital cash benefit
  • Overseas emergency dental treatment
  • Mouth cancer cover

For further details about our Denplan schemes, please call our friendly reception team on 020 8530 4230 or visit: www.denplan.co.uk/patients.