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Sinus Grafting

Sinus grafting (or sinus augmentation)

In the upper jaw above the back teeth, it is possible to increase the height of bone available by creating new bone in the sinus. This procedure is called a sinus grafting. A skilled surgeon can deliver very predictable results in this location and without the general success of this technique many patients would be unable to have implants in a part of the mouth where teeth are so commonly missing.

Sinus lift

The sinus lift is a technique of raising the sinus lining so that there is sufficient space to augmentation additional bone that will help support the dental implants.

Typical steps for sinus grafting


This diagram show the upper jaw (as if it has been folded open like a book). It shows the upper jaw of a patient who has no teeth. (The teeth would normally be protruding through the gum).


Incisions are made through the gum and jaw bone. Additional bone is added (or grafted) to raise the height of the bone so that the bone is enough to accommodate dental implants.


Once the bone has healed after a period between 2-3 months, multiple dental implants are placed into the jaw as shown. Another 2-3 months healing period is required before securing natural tooth coloured porcelain crowns over the dental implants.

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