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White Fillings

Natural-Looking Restorations with White Fillings

White fillings provide better-looking restorations to teeth, compared to silver amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are easily seen when you open your mouth, while white fillings blend flawlessly with the rest of your smile because these fillings are made with a tooth-coloured material.

When Would I Need White Fillings?

At Wanstead Dental we offer natural-looking teeth restorations with a white fillings treatment.

White fillings are needed to restore the healthy appearance and function of teeth that are:

  • Chipped or broken
  • Decayed
  • Irregularly-shaped or uneven in appearance

You can also use white fillings to fill in minor gaps between teeth.

Go for discreet dental restorations with a white filling treatment.

What’s Involved in White Fillings?

The White Filling Treatment Procedure

  • Any decayed parts will be removed first to prepare your tooth for the white filling treatment. Only the damaged tooth portion will be removed, so healthy tooth structure is preserved.
  • The tooth will be washed clean of any remaining debris, and thoroughly dried.
  • A composite filling material is placed in layers in the cavity or tooth part that needs to be treated. Each layer is hardened using a special bright light.
  • Once the filling is complete, the top portion of the treated tooth surface will be shaped to match your natural teeth’s biting surface.

Am I Suitable for White Fillings?

White fillings are suitable for you if you want to restore the healthy form and function of decayed or damaged teeth, and you want a better-looking alternative to silver amalgam fillings. White fillings also offer a safer filling option compared to silver amalgam, which contains mercury.

What Can White Fillings Do for Me?

  • A white filling is more aesthetically pleasing, compared to silver amalgam fillings that can be seen easily by others when you smile or open your mouth.
  • White fillings can successfully bring back the health of decayed or damaged teeth, so you can avoid more serious dental problems.
  • White fillings do not contain mercury, which is an ingredient in silver amalgam fillings. White fillings can restore your damaged teeth without the harmful effects that mercury can bring.
  • Less of your tooth structure will need to be removed prior to placing the white filling material, compared to a silver amalgam filling treatment. You can preserve more of the healthy tooth structure because it will not be touched or damaged as part of the preparation for the filling treatment.