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“My ill-fitting dentures were really starting to affect my life but I now have dentures securely attached to implants and I’m delighted!”
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Dental Hygiene

Enjoy Healthier Smiles with Dental Hygiene

We offer superior quality hygiene therapy sessions at Wanstead Dental. Our hygienist will be able to give you tips on how you can take care of your oral hygiene at home by explaining how to properly use a tooth brush, and dental floss to clean your teeth.

Taking good care of your teeth starts with good personal oral hygiene. These good oral care practices will have better results if they are complemented with regular visits to our hygienist for professional cleaning and hygiene treatments, which can give you the freshest-smelling breath and the cleanest teeth possible.

Good personal oral hygiene and regular dental checkups will be the key to unlocking your most beautiful smiles.

When Would I Need Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygiene should regularly be observed to make sure that you will have good oral health; this includes regular visits to your hygienist. Having a hygiene therapy is much more convenient now – you can go straight to our Wanstead clinic without the need to get a prescription first from a dentist.

The Convenience of Quick Hygiene Therapy Treatments

You can go directly to our hygienist at Wanstead Dental, and enjoy a quick hygiene or fresh breath treatment during a break in your busy day. Our dental hygienist can work in removing the plaque buildup on your teeth so that dental problems can be avoided. You can even look forward to cleaner teeth and fresher breath while spending just a portion of your lunch break with our hygienist.

What’s Involved in Dental Hygiene?

Dental Hygiene is a combination of personal and professional dental care:

  • Regular and proper tooth brushing, and the use of dental floss to remove debris that tooth brushing cannot get rid of.
  • Professional cleaning done by a hygienist, to remove plaque buildup that can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. Professional dental cleaning can also help in giving you fresher-smelling breath.

Am I Suitable for Dental Hygiene?

Yes, you are suitable for dental hygiene – and you will enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile when you practice regular dental hygiene. Good dental hygiene can give you cleaner teeth, fresher breath, and can prevent dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

What Can Dental Hygiene Do for Me?

Dental Hygiene Gives You These Reasons to Smile:

  • Dental hygiene treatments result to brighter and whiter teeth.
  • The treatments prevent the buildup of plaque – the leading cause of gum problems and tooth decay.
  • Be proud of your fresh breath, which you can achieve with fresh breath treatments from our hygienist at Wanstead Dental.