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General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia (for Phobic Patients) at Our Berlin Clinic

General Anesthesia: for Worry-Free Dental Treatments

General anesthesia is the condition when your body is numbed, and your mind is placed in a deep sleep state, with the help of one or more general anesthesia ingredients. At Wanstead Dental general anesthesia aims to help you be free from discomfort, pain, or anxiety – making the dental treatment a more pleasant experience for you.

When Would I Need General Anesthesia?

How Can General Anesthesia Ease My Dental Fear?

You will benefit from general anesthesia in cases when other sedation techniques, such as conscious sedation, may not be able to give you a worry-free experience for your dental treatment. In cases when conscious sedation cannot effectively deal with severe anxiety or discomfort, general anesthesia will be the next option to make the experience a more pleasant one.

General anesthesia is beneficial for treatments involving oral surgery – such as a dental implant treatment or a wisdom tooth extraction – and other complex dental procedures.

We offer general anesthesia for phobic patients in our Berlin clinic, with a specially-trained anesthetist administering the anesthetics to ensure that the procedure will be a completely safe one for you.

NHS Video on Anesthesia (At Wanstead Dental we Offer General Anesthesia at our Berlin Clinic)

What’s Involved in General Anesthesia?

Under general anesthesia, your body will be numbed and your mind will be in a deep sleep state – freeing you from any pain or anxiety as you go through the dental treatment that you need.

The anesthetic will be administered through an injection or an IV line to your body. As the anesthetic properties kick in, your body will be numbed, and you will fall into a very deep sleep. The dentist will then be able to proceed with the treatment with you blissfully unaware of any unpleasant or painful parts. This makes the entire treatment a more pleasant one for you.

General anesthesia for nervous and phobic patients is offered in our Berlin clinic.

We offer general anesthesia for phobic patients in our Berlin clinic. We will make the arrangements for your flights, accommodations, and travel fees to and from Berlin, for your complete convenience.

Am I Suitable for General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is ideal for phobic patients for whom conscious sedation may not be enough to deal with anxiety, and for cases when oral surgery or complicated dental procedures are needed – and if you want the experience to be completely pain-free.

At Wanstead Dental we will further evaluate your needs and condition to see if you are suitable for general anesthesia. The following existing conditions may make general anesthesia unsuitable for you:

  • Existing illnesses (diabetes, seizures, asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, tuberculosis, etc.)
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Drug abuse
  • Previous adverse reactions to anesthetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Taking medications that can reduce the effect of the anesthetics, or may interact adversely with the anesthesia

What Can General Anesthesia Do for Me?

  • As general anesthesia makes your body numb, this treatment makes it possible for you to get the dental treatment you need, without feeling any pain or discomfort.
  • Under general anesthesia, you will not feel anxious or afraid of the dental treatment -making the whole experience a more pleasant one.