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Dr Ilja Sapiro MSc

Dr Ilja Sapiro MSc is the dental surgeon at Wanstead Dental. More »


“My ill-fitting dentures were really starting to affect my life but I now have dentures securely attached to implants and I’m delighted!”
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Our Implants Approach by
Dr. Sapiro

Implant Stability and Safety

We have the experience, skills, and cutting-edge technology in-house to ensure your long-term good dental health.

At Implants in London, your safety is as important as the success of the implant treatment. We do not compromise the stability of the implant or the restorations (Crown, Denture or Bridge) in cases when the patient does not have sufficient jawbone to support the implant. In more complex implant cases and in order to achieve the best result we will always give options for bone grafting and options for not having bone grafting.

DR Ilja Sapiro

Clear Options Presented

You will be presented with clear options regarding your implant treatment, so that you are empowered to make the best decisions towards ensuring the most successful treatment results. Your implant dentist will discuss all the alternatives possible, as well as the advanced treatments (such as a bone graft) that ‘may’ be needed to complete the implant treatment (for more complex cases).

As required by the GDC (General Dental Council – UK), we will present you with all of the options for missing teeth: you can decide on whether to go for permanent (fixed) teeth restorations, a removable dental appliance, or do nothing at all. The power to make the final decision about an implant treatment will be on your hands.

If you are confused about implants and have failing loose teeth, or if you no longer wish to wear ill-fitting dentures, contact us to book your Complimentary Implant Consultation.

For more dental implant information, visit our dedicated website ImplantsinLondon.com>