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“My ill-fitting dentures were really starting to affect my life but I now have dentures securely attached to implants and I’m delighted!”
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Same Day Implants

Same Day Teeth (Implant Supporting Bridge) also Known as ‘All on 4’

Enjoy Comfortable, Natural-looking Smiles with Same Day Teeth

A dental bridge can provide quick replacements for missing natural teeth by bridging the gap caused by the natural tooth loss. Dental implants are used to secure a dental bridge more firmly, as the implants are embedded directly into the jawbone. The long healing period associated with a traditional implant treatment can, however, turn off some patients who are interested in having their missing teeth replaced.

Same day teeth refers to the placement of dental implants into the jaw, and attaching the dental restoration (dental bridge or dentures) to the implants – all within the same day. This method of implant placement allows you to have the full benefits of an implant treatment in just one day.

Same Day Teeth Implants (All-on-4) by Nobel Biocare


When Would I Need Same Day Teeth?

Better-looking smiles with just one dental appointment, with Same Day Teeth at Wanstead Dental.

When Would I Need Same Day Teeth?

You will benefit from a same day teeth method of implant placement if you want to secure your loose dentures (so that they stop moving around inside your mouth). The All on 4 implant technique, which takes advantage of the existing jawbone by using four strategically-placed implants (and also gives you a better smile within the same day), can give you the benefits you need from dental implants even if you have a thin jawbone.

What’s Involved in Same Day Teeth/All on 4?

What You Can Expect from a Same Day Teeth or All on 4 Treatment at Wanstead Dental

  • The implants used in the same day teeth technique are embedded into the jawbone by a minimally-invasive procedure – there is no need to do a bone graft of other complicated treatments. The dental bridge will be attached to the newly-embedded implants within the same day, giving you a better-looking smile after just one dental appointment.

At Wanstead Dental we use German-manufactured Schutz dental implants for a high-quality and affordable Same Day Teeth treatment.

  • As the name suggests, four implants are used in the All on 4 treatment, with these implants placed in strategic places to take advantage of the existing jawbone quality. We use world-class Nobel Biocare All on 4 implants in a procedure that is minimally-invasive, and then attach these implants to a dental bridge to give more beautiful smiles within the same day.

Am I Suitable for Same Day Teeth/All on 4 Implants?

You can have a same day teeth treatment if you want to secure loose dentures. The same day teeth treatment will significantly improve the use of your dentures, since they will securely be attached to implants that are embedded into your jawbone. All on 4 implants, on the other hand, are ideal missing teeth solutions if your jawbone ridge is thin, and cannot support a traditional implant placement.

What Can Same Day Teeth Do for Me?

  • Same day teeth can give you all the benefits of a dental implant treatment within the same day, without the need to wait long for the implants to heal. Right after the implant placement at Wanstead Dental you can enjoy the full benefits of a same day teeth treatment.
  • The Same Day Teeth technique can be completed without using complicated procedures like a bone graft, as the implants are placed with a minimally-invasive method. Without the invasive procedures, the entire treatment can be more affordable, and you will have less downtime to deal with.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions & Answers)
on Same Day Teeth with Dental Implants (also known as ‘Immediate Impants’ or ‘Same Day Smiles’)

1. What are Same Day Teeth with Implants (immediate loading implants)?

Immediate load implants or same day implants are the most modern and faster approach in implant placement. They were developed to satisfy the patients’ demand for shorter times of implant treatments.

With immediate load implants the tooth restoration, temporary or permanent, can be attached (loaded) on the implant in the same day immediately after the implant is placed in the jawbone.

2. How long will the treatment take?

Planning is essential , and specially in immediate load implants. you will have a beautiful smile the same day of the intervention and the completion of the treatment can be in 3 to 4 months, compared to 6 to 12 months in a more conventional approach, and the good news is that there is only one surgical intervention , compared to 2 or 3 interventions in conventional implantology approach.

3. Can I use the implants right after the treatment?

Definitely the immediate load technique has the unique advantage of having fixed provisional teeth similar to the definitive ones , the same day of the surgery.

4. Are immediate loading implants better than traditional implants?

Yes , if you take into account that implants are placed faster, painless, with less interventions , and you will be able to smile, knowing that your new teeth will make you look and feel more secure.

5. Will immediate loading implants be more expensive than traditional implants?

Each case is different and fees for immediate implants can vary from one person to another depending on the preexisting condition of the patient. but basically the main difference in price comes from the the team effort and preparations to achieve a treatment that immediate provisional teeth the same day of the surgery compared to 4 to 6 months in the conventional approach.

6. How will I know if I can have immediate loading implants?

On your first consultation, a special radiographic and clinical examination will help us assess the amount and quality of bone you have and your health history . In our experience the grand majority of patients can benefit from this treatment option.

7. How will I take care of immediate loading implants after the treatment?

Dental implants are easier to take car of than teeth , special tooth brushes and instruments have been designed for this purpose. We have designed a special follow-up protocol to keep your new teeth in perfect condition, this protocols requires the patient to come for a check up , at least once a year, to evaluate , your hygiene technique , and the health of the gums and bone around the implants.

8. How long is the recovery period?

All Implants need at least 2 and a half months of undisturbed healing around the implants to effectively integrate to your body. From a patient point of view , both the surgery and the healing period are practically painless , with only slight discomfort that can easily be treated with medication. Although there is no pain involved, the provisional teeth have special care instructions and a soft diet that needs to be followed until the final definitive teeth are placed.

9. Can immediate loading implants help me with my loose dentures?

Yes, and we can transform your lose denture and all the insecurities associated with it, to a fixed teeth in just a few hours.

10. Why are they called “immediate loading” implants?

The Loading of an implant occurs when fixed teeth are placed on the implants , forces generated during mastication are transferred to your to the bone surrounding the implant.

The traditional 40 year old implant protocol , indicated that fixed teeth ( loading) were to be placed 4 to 6 months after the placement of the implants an 2 surgical interventions are needed to achieve it.

With this modern scientifically proven treatment protocol fixed teeth( loading) are place the same day and only one intervention is needed.

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