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Dr Ilja Sapiro MSc

Dr Ilja Sapiro MSc is the dental surgeon at Wanstead Dental. More »


“My ill-fitting dentures were really starting to affect my life but I now have dentures securely attached to implants and I’m delighted!”
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Smile Design by Master Technicians

Natural-Looking Smile Enhancement with Smile Design at Wanstead Dental

smile designMissing teeth replacements make your smile complete once more. Aside from improving the function of your teeth, dental restorations can make you look more attractive – especially if the restorations are created to look very natural. At Wanstead Dental we have master-qualified dental technicians in Berlin who create custom-made dental veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures to give you the most beautiful missing teeth replacements.

A smile design aims to enhance the beauty of your smile through cosmetic dentistry treatments. These treatments take into account all the aspects of your smile – not just your teeth – so that the overall result looks beautiful and natural. The shape of your face, as well as the appearance of your remaining teeth, will be considered in the smile design, so that you can be sure of getting the most beautiful smile as a finished product.


Our Dedicated Smile Design Laboratory & Clinic in London & Berlin