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At Ace Dental, we understand the apprehension some children experience when a dental appointment is looming so we offer parents a few tips to make visits to the dentist less of an ordeal.

Why Should Children Have Regular Visits To The Dentist?

Children are constantly developing – and that includes their teeth and gums. Regular visits to the dentist are crucial to ensuring good development and, if there is a problem, it can be detected and remedied in the very early stages.

The other reason children should see a dentist regularly is that it will become a good habit right for their entire life. Regular visits also take the fear out of seeing the dentist and it will be something your child will know is necessary and it doesn’t need to be a dramatic ordeal for them.

When Should Your Child Start Visiting The Dentist?

Ace Dental practitioners recommend you start bringing your child to visit the dentist around the time their first tooth appears. If you skip this milestone event, you should certainly start these visits around their first birthday and keep a visiting schedule every six months. These visits ensure the dentist can keep an eye on your child’s dental health and oral development.

What Is The Right Age To Start A Dental Hygiene Routine For Your Child?

As soon as your child starts teething is a good time to start a dental hygiene routine. Use a soft toothbrush especially made for kids, or a soft cloth to gently clean your child’s gums. They’ll probably enjoy this as the gums can be quite sensitive during teething. Once the first tooth comes through, you can add a tiny amount of children’s fluoride toothpaste to get them used to brushing.

Preparing Your Child For A Dental Visit

There are a number of things you can do to prepare your child for their first and subsequent visits to the dentist. Ace Dental our dentists understand that this can be a little daunting for your child and we will try to make the visit less trying for your child, and for you too.

Before you take your child to the dentist, talk to your child and let them know you’re going on a trip to the tooth doctor. Explain to them that the dentist will look inside their mouth to see how their teeth look.

If your child needs treatment for decay or cavities, let your child know that this is needed to fix a problem so the tooth will not hurt. It may also be a good idea for your child to come to the dentist when you go for a check-up or procedure. Children often mimic their parents and if they see you are calm in the dentist’s chair, they will be more likely to be calm when it’s their turn.

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

If your child accidentally breaks or chips a tooth, or they have a toothache, it can be rough. These emergency situations require fast action. If your child is suffering from a dental emergency, call Ace Dental immediately. Our dentists are always prepared for these situations and will do what is needed to relieve the pain and stress your child is experiencing.

Prevention Is Always Better Than A Cure

It’s always easier to look after healthy teeth than to cure teeth with cavities or decay. It’s also a lot cheaper. Good oral hygiene starts at home so teach your child the importance of looking after their teeth from an early age. It’s as simple as helping them brush their teeth every morning and every night and ensuring they continue this routine as they get older.

A good diet is also essential for proper dental health. It may be difficult to deny your child fizzy drinks and candy all the time, but keep these to a minimum. They should only be an occasional treat and fizzy drinks should be avoided at all costs as the acids can deteriorate tooth enamel and open the path to cavities.

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