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Invisalign is an innovative and discreet alternative to traditional, unsightly braces. Often referred to as clear aligners, these orthodontic devices are made from transparent plastic and are custom fitted to each individual patient. Their main purpose is to correct and straighten teeth and correct an incorrect bite.

What Are The Advantages Of Invisalign?

The most obvious advantages with Invisalign is that they are practically invisible. You’ll also be straightening your smile gradually so most people won’t even notice the transition. The aligners are removable making them and your teeth easier to clean and you won’t have any issues with food becoming lodged as is the case with braces. You won’t experience any difficulties with eating, as you can remove your aligners during mealtimes and you won’t suffer any discomfort from wires as you would with traditional braces.

Why Choose Invisalign?

If your teeth need to be straightened your dentist will recommend an orthodontic device to correct the imperfection. This used to involve metal braces which were uncomfortable and made the wearer very self-conscious. Invisalign is made from a clear plastic material that is only visible from a very close vantage point.

What To Expect

Your Ace Dental practitioner will examine your teeth to ensure they are healthy. A 3D intraoral scan will be taken to assist your dentist in formulating a definite treatment plan to straighten your teeth. You may even be able to see what your finished smile will look like.

Dental technicians will make your Invisalign aligners according to your dentist’s instructions and the 3D scan. You may need up to 26 different Invisalign aligners to complete your tooth straightening treatment. Each aligner is different and represents one phase of the straightening process. If you were to have been fitted with metal braces, you can imagine that every different aligner equals an adjustment or tightening of the metal braces.

You will need to wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and you will move on to the next aligner about every two weeks. Invisalign aligners work by applying a gentle but consistent force on your teeth. With each new aligner, the shape of your smile will change.

How Do Invisalign Aligners Compare To Braces?

Both Invisalign and braces are effective at straightening teeth and improving your smile. Braces have been around for quite a long time, but Invisalign is quickly gaining in popularity.

Invisalign is a set of aligner trays that are made from clear BPA-free plastic. They are placed over your teeth to gently and gradually shift their position. Your dentist will take a 3D scan and an impression to formulate a set of precise fitting aligners that are custom made for each individual patient. Invisalign aligners can be removed for a few hours everyday making it easy to maintain your oral hygiene routine and also clean your aligners.

Braces are more traditional and involve binding metal brackets to the surface of your teeth and tying them together with wires and rubber bands. The older versions were made from ugly grey metal but today’s braces can be made in a colour similar to teeth, which are more discreet, or you can make a statement with braces in a jazzy colour that will be noticed. Once fixed into place, braces can’t be removed by anyone but your dentist. The tiny nooks and crannies are difficult to keep clean and you may feel discomfort behind your lips.

Both Invisalign and braces work well at straightening teeth, but Invisalign can be considerably more expensive than braces.


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