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Six Month Smiles are clear braces that have been designed to straighten front teeth in about six months. You can achieve faster results because the focus is on straightening teeth for a purely cosmetic finish.

Six Month Smiles fall under the category of short-term orthodontics. These are corrective dental procedures that offer fast results that look great.

What Are The Advantages Of Six Month Smiles?

Most notably, the main advantage of the Six-Month Smiles is the time needed to straighten your teeth. As the name suggests, the process lasts for six months, at which time you have the smile you always wanted.

If you hate the metal mouth look, you’ll love the discreet look of Six-Month Smiles. The brackets are clear and the wires the same colour as teeth, so they are almost undetectable.

Is Six Month Smiles For Me?

Six Month Smile braces are ideal for candidates who only have a mild problem with crooked or protruding teeth. If your teeth are otherwise healthy, and all of your adult teeth have come in, you are a good candidate for Six-Month Smiles.

What To Expect

No time is wasted when you visit Ace Dental for your Six-Month Smiles. Your first meeting is with your dentist. At this time, your dentist will check the health of your teeth and discuss the process with you.

Your next appointment is when your dentist will take an impression of your teeth. This impression is what your dentist will use to formulate a plan and time frame for your Six-Month Smiles. You are finally ready to be fitted with your Six-Month Smiles braces. It won’t be long before your smile is perfect.

After the first month, you should be well adjusted to your Six-Month Smiles braces. Regular visits to your dentist will be needed to adjust the braces so they can continue correcting your smile. Over the next few months you will need to see your dentist for 3 to 7 adjustments.

After six months of wearing these braces, you’re finally ready to be rid of them and reveal your perfect smile. That’s it. You now have a nice, straight smile!

The End Result

If your front teeth are only slightly crooked or protruding then you will benefit from having Six Month Smiles. The procedure works well enough for these minor dental orthodontic abuses and the dentists at Ace Dental will take care of you from your first consultation until your final examination. With that level of care, you can’t go wrong.

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