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Even the healthiest teeth can display a few imperfections and quite often, these imperfections are the result of our lifestyle choices. The most common flaws with healthy teeth are stains. Most adults have them from time to time and they are most often caused by consuming things like coffee and red wine. Then we have the smokers. All of these substances stain our teeth and may even give them a yellowing appearance.

Ace Dental has a solution for every dental problem – and that includes removing stains with Airflow tooth polishing. Give your teeth the celebrity treatment and get them clean and sparkling again.

What Is Airflow Tooth Polishing?

Airflow Tooth Polishing is a cleaning technique for your teeth that is non-invasive and gentle on your teeth. It involves the use of air pressure, sodium bicarbonate and controlled water pressure to effectively blast the stains from your teeth and remove other bits of gunk and debris in the process.

Not only does Airflow Tooth Polishing remove stains, it is also effective at cleaning off plaque and giving your teeth a beautifully clean feeling without damaging the protective tooth enamel.

Advantages Of Airflow Tooth Polishing

The main advantages of Airflow Tooth Polishing include;

  • The procedure is completely painless
  • You can clean hard to reach areas, especially between the teeth
  • The process is fast and effective
  • The results are immediate
  • It won’t damage natural tooth enamel
  • Plaque is easily removed with this treatment
  • It is gentle enough for those with sensitive teeth
  • It can be done on any type of dental work including implants, crowns and bridges
  • It’s a perfect way to brighten your teeth before an important event or job interview

Is It Safe For Sensitive Teeth?

Airflow Tooth Polishing is perfect for those with sensitive teeth for a few reasons. Firstly, the process itself is quite gentle. That means little or no irritation and bright, clean teeth. It can even help reduce teeth sensitivity as the microparticles used in the polishing process can actually fill in any miniscule holes in your teeth. When these holes are filled, less cold water or air can penetrate the surface of your teeth, which means less sensitivity.

Is Airflow Tooth Polishing Painful?

Airflow Tooth Polishing is completely painless. Some methods, like scaling and polishing are abrasive and can be quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are better and milder alternatives for cleaning and polishing treatments for your teeth.

Airflow Tooth Polishing does not require any form of anaesthetic or pain-relieving medication before, during or after its completion. It can be done quite quickly in a short visit to your dentist. The products used in Airflow Tooth Polishing are gentle to teeth and gums and are free of chemicals and other abrasive substances.

Airflow Tooth Polishing is also ideal for patients with sensitive teeth. The water and air pressure can be adjusted to a lower pressure if necessary and as no instruments make contact with the teeth, it is less likely to cause any discomfort or irritation.

How Long Does It Take?

Airflow tooth polishing is fast and effective. In most cases, your dentist can have you in and out of the chair within 30 minutes. Once you’re done, your teeth will feel cleaner than you ever thought possible.

How Often Can You Have Your Teeth Cleaned With Airflow Tooth Polishing?

Airflow Tooth Polishing is so gentle that you can have your teeth cleaned with this method as often as needed.

Naturally, a good oral hygiene routine is also necessary to keep your teeth clean and bright in between Airflow tooth polishing.

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