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First impressions are vital and one of the first things people will notice about you is your smile. So, what are you showing the world? Is your smile captivating, or do you hide your smile behind your hands or pursed lips?

If you’re pearly whites are not so pearly, or your teeth are chipped, crooked or damaged in other ways, veneers from Ace Dental can transform your smile from something you want to hide to something that you want to show off like a movie star.

Are Dental Veneers For You?

Almost anyone can benefit from getting veneers and no one knows veneers like Ace Dental. They look natural and they are a definite confidence booster. They are like a thin cap or shell that is custom made and fitted over your existing teeth. The end result is shiny, straight teeth. Stained teeth can be unsightly and teeth that are crooked, damaged or missing, all take away from what could be a winning smile. If you want to start grinning at the world again, veneers could be the answer. 

What To Expect

If you like the idea of having veneers, your first step to a dazzling smile is a consultation with your Ace Dental practitioner. This first visit with your dentist to check your overall dental health, take an impression of your teeth, as well as an x-ray to ensure veneers are a good fit for you.

The next visit is to prepare your teeth for the veneers. Your dentist will file off a tiny fraction of enamel from your teeth and take another impression that will be sent off to a laboratory for your permanent veneers to be custom made. At this stage, your dentist may give you temporary veneers to protect your teeth and make it easier for you to smile, eat and generally get on with your normal routine, until your final appointment.

The third and final appointment is to thoroughly clean your teeth before your veneers are firmly bound to your existing teeth. That’s it. You finally have your million-dollar smile.

In some cases, you may need extra visits to the dentist but these will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

What Are Veneers Made Of?

Ace Dental offers a number of different dental veneers and the materials used to make them is of the highest quality. Porcelain veneers are the most popular and are generally more dependable than other veneers. The material used for porcelain veneers is very durable and it has a similar sheen to natural teeth. There are other types of veneers as well. You may opt for composite veneers which are made from resin and other composite materials. They are cheaper than porcelain but they may not last as long. Talk to your dentist about which would be best for you and your budget.

Get Accustomed To Your New Smile

Once you’ve had your new veneers fitted you may find the lure to stare into your mirror irresistible. You’ll be completely captivated by your sensational new smile. However, be prepared for the transitional period of getting used to your new smile. Your veneers will obviously feel different to your original teeth and you will need to get used to speaking, eating and drinking again. Take it slow and practice speaking at home. At meal times, cut your food into smaller pieces and chew carefully. Don’t worry. This is only a temporary phase and it won’t be long before you’re back to your old self again, but with a stunning smile.

Take Care Of Your New Smile

Taking good care of your new veneers is just a matter of a diligent oral hygiene routine.  However, we also recommend a follow-up consultation a few weeks after you’ve had your veneers so your dentist can examine them to make sure they fit properly and to discuss appropriate care.

Once you have your veneers fitted, your first impression smile will be memorable for all the right reasons. If you are not completely sure of what you should do to take care of your dental veneers, speak with your Ace Dental practitioner.

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