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Some dental problems are considerably more serious than others – such as when multiple teeth have been lost, or have suffered extensive damage. Such patients often require dental reconstruction to repair the damage. All-On-Four or All-On-Six Same Day Teeth – often referred to as dental implants – can put things right in a single day.

Ace Dental offers an All-On-Four or All-On-Six system that can help you restore a devastated smile into a dashing one. Each patient is treated according to their individual requirements making this a very personalized treatment.

Who Should Consider This Treatment?

Almost anyone who has suffered extensive damage to their teeth can consider an All-On-Four or All-On-Six treatment. Some of the main reasons for teeth devastation are teeth that have been neglected or have deteriorated beyond repair and major tooth loss due to accident or decay. Implants are also suitable for those who wear dentures and would prefer a more permanent fix.   

Dental implants are also a great solution for those who have suffered from severe gum disease, bone loss or teeth that will inevitably fall out or break. All of these and more, can be rectified with an All-On-Four or All-On-Six treatment.

What Is The Difference Between An All-On-Four/Six Treatment?

The main difference between an All-On-Four and an All-On-Six treatment is the number of implants placed in your jaw. As the names suggest, this will either be four, or six implants. The number of implants you need will depend on the extent of the damage, however, it is widely considered to be better to have six implants as they will provide more support, stability and strength in your jaw.

What Does This Procedure Involve?

All-On-Four or All-On-Six treatments are great for those with major tooth loss issues, but it is a complicated procedure and will require a general anaesthetic. In cases where only one dental implant is needed, a local anaesthetic is fine, but for major dental reconstruction work a general anaesthetic is the way to go.

Your dentist will examine your teeth and take a 3D scan or x-rays to determine the integrity of your jawbone and ensure this is the right procedure for you. Once you have been cleared for this procedure, you will be placed under a general anaesthetic and any remaining teeth may be removed, particularly if they are beyond repair. The implants are then placed at four or six points along the jawline.

The dentist attaches temporary or fixed bridges to these implants, allowing you to smile and eat again on the same day. A permanent bridge will be fixed in place a few months later. 

Once you have been fitted with the permanent bridge and teeth, you have a new, permanent smile you can be proud of forever.

How Long Does This Treatment Last?

All-On-Four and All-On-Six have an amazing success rate and great longevity. As long as you look after your smile with a dedicated oral hygiene regimen, which includes regular scheduled visits to your Ace Dental dentist, you can expect the results to look as good as new for life.

Is This Procedure Painful?

Due to being under general anaesthetics during the All-On-Four or All-On-Six implantation, you’re not going to feel any pain. Once you are awake and the anaesthetic wears off, you may experience some minor pain around the implantation site. As a precaution, your dentist will prescribe you with some over-the-counter pain medication.

You may also notice a little swelling or bruising but this will only last a few days to a week. After a week or so, you should be pain free and back to your old routine. You should also be able to enjoy all your favourite foods again.

Caring For Your All-On Four/Six Same Day Teeth

Caring for your new permanent smile isn’t complicated and all you need is a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mild toothpaste. You should look at brushing your new teeth twice a day and if you can get yourself an oral irrigator, cleaning between and around your teeth will be even easier.

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