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White fillings are resin and composite fillings that are usually made of a combination of ceramic and plastic compound. They are the most common type of fillings used in modern dentistry. White fillings are the perfect choice for dental restoration – they can be made to blend in with the rest of your teeth for a seamless finish and they are great to repair damage caused by cavities, decay and minor tooth damage.

What Are The Advantages Of White Fillings?

There are a number of advantages with having white fillings. They can be perfectly matched to the natural colour of your existing teeth for a natural, undetectable finish.

Many people find the recovery easier from dental restoration using white fillings than other types and they are less prone to cracking or splitting. They also won’t conceal any underlying problems when your teeth are x-rayed. This is something that is often overlooked with amalgam fillings.

When you need white fillings to fill a cavity, your dentist won’t need to drill more than the decayed part of your teeth to ensure the white filling adheres properly.

What Are White Fillings Good For?

Ace Dental uses white fillings for the majority of dental restorations performed in our clinic. They are an efficient treatment for cavities and restoring teeth affected by tooth decay. White fillings are also a simple and cost-effective treatment for teeth that have been chipped or broken. They are made from composite materials which are easy to work with and blend seamlessly with existing teeth for a flawless finish.

Are White Fillings Safe?

White fillings are a definite improvement on the old amalgam, or silver fillings. They are made from non-toxic materials so they are considered very safe to use in dental restorations. Amalgam fillings may contain heavy metals such as mercury, tin and copper which may cause an allergic reaction in some patients. They are not recommended for use with children’s fillings and many people with amalgam fillings are having them replaced with white fillings.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of White Fillings?

The materials used in white fillings ensure they are quite durable and long lasting. Nevertheless, they are not permanent. When expertly applied and with proper care, you can expect your white fillings to last for 7 to 10 years. In some cases, they may even last longer. Ace Dental practitioners are skilled and we will ensure the procedure is completed to the highest standards. The rest is up to you. With a good dental hygiene regimen, you can definitely extend the life of your white fillings well beyond the 10 years that is often stated in scientific literature.

Should I Replace Amalgam Fillings With White Ones?

Amalgam fillings are considered to be outdated and unsightly but if your reason to have them replaced is purely for aesthetic reasons, you may want to leave them alone.

These old silver fillings should receive the same consideration as the rest of your dental health. If the area around the tooth has become damaged or decayed, then go ahead and have them replaced. Otherwise, they are perfectly fine to stay put.

If you are still determined to replace your amalgam fillings with white ones, contact Ace Dental and our practitioners will discuss your options and concerns with you.

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